Respect Week

For Respect Week A3 and A5 posters are distributed throughout all the business areas in Wagga Wagga, the suburban Shopping Centers, the Industrial Areas, the Defence Bases, all the Schools– Public, Catholic and Private – Pre-Schools and Day Care Centres. These posters recognize the Naming Sponsors, Gold Sponsors, Silver and Bronze Sponsors.

Respect Banner & Stickers

Respect Awareness has a banner which is displayed for Respect week across the main street advertising Respect Week.

‘Respect Everyone’ stickers are used throughout all the Daycare Centres, the Pre-Schools and all the Primary Schools. All the butchers in the main business district, the suburban Shopping Centres as well as Coles and Woolworths Supermarkets use these stickers on their pre-packaged meat parcels.

Respect Week Information

Respect Week is launched on the Saturday at the beginning of Respect Week at The Marketplace one of Wagga’s major shopping malls. Here we give out Respect balloons and other handouts to the children. Respect Awareness displays their Respect Awareness Teardrop Banner. We have advertising around the tables with the sponsor’s names. We also have a BBQ at Bunnings which South Wagga Rotary run for us and Respect Awareness has a table there giving out Respect Balloons to the children and other handouts we well as a Respect Awareness Teardrop Banner. The Posters acknowledge our Naming Sponsors, Gold Sponsors, Silver Sponsors and Bronze Sponsors.

Media Coverage

All the media support us with community announcements, interviews and Prime Television gives us a great commercial run a number of times. The Daily Advertiser – Wagga’s local newspaper – prints the A5 poster in the newspaper and a story.